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Baltic States and North Sea countries join forces in BANOS CSA

Added on: 2018-11-13
In order to coordinate marine research and innovation even better, the Baltic states and some North Sea countries have decided to work together more closely. The European-funded BANOS coordination and support action (BAltic and NOrth Sea Coordination and Support Action) will outline a joint research and innovation programme for the North Sea and the Baltic Sea over the next three years. The project started on 6 November. The Flanders Marine Institute VLIZ acts as a partner on behalf of the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation of the government of Flanders, Belgium. ...

Survey on the Dutch ship wreck ‘t Vliegent Hart in Belgian waters

Added on: 2018-10-26
On Tuesday the 15th of October, a team consisting of Sven van Haelst from the Flanders Marine Institute VLIZ, Jessica Vandevelde from the Flanders Heritage Agency (Onroerend Erfgoed) and Robert de Hoop from the Dutch Maritime Heritage Agency did a survey on the wreck of the Dutch East India Company ship ‘t Vliegent Hart lying in Belgian waters. ...

European culinary contest for young and future professional chefs: opting for sustainable seafood

Added on: 2018-10-26
The 2018 edition of the culinary contest Olivier Roellinger is officially launched now. The competition is open to young and future chefs who want to contribute to the conservation of marine resources and the protection of the seas and ocean. Deadline for submission is due 4 January. The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) is partner and hopes to welcome a lot of applications from Belgium and The Netherlands! ...

History students UGent work for a whole academic year on VLIZ Prize Papers project

Added on: 2018-10-23
Earlier this month, 20 history students from Ghent University started their historical research seminar working with material offered by the VLIZ project ' Southern Netherlandish Prize Papers Research'. During the entire academic year, the students will sharpen their research skills and in the meantime contribute to the transcription and interpretation of documents found on ships once privateered by the British Admiralty. We are currently zooming in on price papers from the period of the Spanish Succession War (1702-1714). This information, which has never been disclosed, might change our views on the maritime history of the Southern Netherlands. ...

Call Brilliant Marine Research Idea 2018

Added on: 2018-10-17
VLIZ launches the call for the ‘Brilliant Marine Research Ideas 2019’ intended to inspire and enable PhD students, affiliated to a Flemish university or Flemish university college, to execute a brilliant idea during their PhD within the frame of their research. Deadline for the submission of proposals is 15 December 2018. ...

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