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VLIZ concludes both national and international cooperation agreements that are important for the operation and availability of the research vessel Simon Stevin and the research equipment.

  • VLOOT dab
    A cooperation agreement between Vloot dab and VLIZ ensures the scientific operations of RV Simon Stevin. In its capacity as owner of the research vessel, VLOOT dab takes care of the crew and technical maintenance and bears all operational costs. VLIZ is responsible for the scientific programme and manages the scientific equipment of RV Simon Stevin.
  • RV Belgica
    VLIZ uses the coastal research vessel Simon Stevin to complement the oceanographic research vessel Belgica. A cooperation agreement concluded between MUMM and VLIZ constitutes the basis for optimum use of the resources of both organisations. The conditions for the use of infrastructure and instruments are identical and applications for time at sea are coordinated.
  • NIOZ
    VLIZ and the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) have entered into a formal cooperation agreement. This agreement is aimed at maximising the compatibility of research equipment. NIOZ and VLIZ have furthermore concluded a cooperation agreement to facilitate the management and deployment of ROV Genesis.
    VLIZ is a member of the European Research Vessels Operators (ERVO) group, a European informal network of people responsible for research vessels which strives for integrated management of the European research fleet. During their annual meeting, experiences are exchanged and common problems are discussed.
    At a global international level, VLIZ participates in the annual ‘International Research Ship Operators’ Meeting’ (IRSO). The exchange of knowledge and experience both in technical and strategic terms is high on the agenda.  
    VLIZ is a partner in the European EUROFLEETS+ project. This research infrastructure project supports three complementary activities: transnational access to ships and installations, common technological research and networking. It is aimed at promoting collaboration within the European research fleet and contributing to higher cost efficiency. Within this scope, foreign researchers can obtain time at sea on board RV Simon Stevin.