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Convince us of your brilliant research idea and claim a 5000 euro grant

Added on: 2022-10-25
The Sea as a Good Cause offers no less than 6 (!) grants, of 5000 euro each, for young, original-thinking marine researchers. PhD students and junior postdocs in Flanders, as well as PhD students from the South, who dare to think outside the box, are eligible for this research funding. Deadline for submitting your proposal is 27 January 2023. ...

Call for the VLIZ Marine Science Awards 2022

Added on: 2022-10-19
Have you recently graduated as a bachelor or master with a thesis on a marine research topic? Or have you lately obtained a PhD in a marine scientific discipline in a country bordering the North Sea? Then you can apply for one of the three scientific prizes of the Flanders Marine Institute: the VLIZ Professional Bachelor Thesis Award 2022, the VLIZ Master Thesis Award 2022 or the VLIZ North Sea Award 2022. Candidates can register until 31 December. ...

WWII shipwreck has leaked many pollutants into the sea, changing the ocean floor around it

Added on: 2022-10-18
Researchers have discovered that an 80 year old historic World War II shipwreck is still influencing the microbiology and geochemistry of the ocean floor where it rests. In Frontiers in Marine Science, they show how the wreck is leaking hazardous pollutants, such as explosives and heavy metals, into the ocean floor sediment of the North Sea, influencing the marine microbiology around it. ...

Marine Regions expands to include Extended Continental Shelves

Added on: 2022-10-13
The VLIZ Marine Regions team developed a brand new, open and global dataset of the so-called 'extended continental shelves'. These are parts of the sea where a country can assert exclusive rights to the natural resources on the seabed and in the subsoil, e.g. marine species living on the seabed, oil and gas. Consequently, if manganese nodules - sometimes called 'the new gold' - are located in this zone, a country could be the first to claim them. On the other hand, there is a duty to prevent pollution of the extended continental shelf. These zones form part of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. ...

Tenth anniversary of Ocean Literacy in Europe

Added on: 2022-10-12
Exactly ten years ago, on 12 October 2012, the Provincial Court in Bruges provided a suitable setting for the First Conference on Ocean Literacy in Europe. That day, the organizers VLIZ and the European Marine Board, welcomed the founding fathers of the US Ocean Literacy movement, Craig Strang and Peter Tuddenham, and representatives of IOC UNESCO, European Commission, EMSEA, National Geographic Society, World Ocean Network, BBC Blue Planet, EUAC, European Schoolnet, Ciencia Viva and many local stakeholders to discuss the future of Ocean Literacy. ...

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