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As a point of contact for marine sciences we gladly assist the national and international press with information and visuals . We also refer them to marine experts in Flanders and beyond. In addition, VLIZ itself regularly launches national and international press releases .

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Press spokesperson

All contacts of the press with VLIZ take place via:

Jan Seys (communications officer)
+32-(0)478-37 64 13

Bart De Smet (officer press and science communication)
+32-(0)478-56 96 78

VLIZ and the press

Journalists and production companies can get help from VLIZ to obtain information or visuals. We gladly refer them to the appropriate experts affiliated to universities and scientific institutions in Flanders and beyond. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with over 1,500 Flemish marine experts and our activity within national and international marine networks, VLIZ is in an excellent position to determine where specific expertise is present. In case of topics for which specific expertise is present within VLIZ or for which no experts are available or can be reached in Flanders, or if the media insist on a very broad all-inclusive story, the VLIZ spokesperson or VLIZ General Director will speak to the press.

VLIZ sends out press releases concerning its own activities or other coastal and marine topics. These are picked up by various (inter)national media (press, radio, TV, news websites, (digital) newsletters, social media). Three times a year – upon publication of the in-house magazine – the press is informed of the contents of published articles which are of interest to the press by means of a Grote Rede press alert.