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Scientific integrity

An important strategic objective of VLIZ is to initiate, support, promote and implement innovative and multidisciplinary marine research. Within these activities, the responsible behavior of researchers is always central. VLIZ therefore strives to encourage good research practices to ensure that research outputs are reliable and have been generated in a verifiable manner.

Scientific integrity is broadly supported by the VLIZ policy, by the researchers and within (inter)national networks and projects of VLIZ. The integration of a responsible scientific policy contributes to the quality of the scientific research and its acceptance by society. VLIZ adheres to the principles of scientific integrity as set out at the Flemish and European level in:

VLIZ has a responsible research manager who is also the contact person for integrity notifications and scientific misconduct. This person is in close contact with a network of professionals all over Belgium, who yearly inform each other about good practices within the various research institutions at the KVAB meeting days.

If needed, VLIZ will set up a Committee for Scientific integrity (CWI) consisting of a chairman, three members and a secretary. This ad-hoc committee will be set up to deal with cases of possible violations of scientific integrity, such as plagiarism, falsification or fabrication of data.

As a member of the Flemish Commission for Academic Integrity (VCWI), a second advice from the VCWI can be invoked by those involved in cases of violations of scientific integrity. VLIZ conforms to the VCWI advices by recognizing the regulations of the CWVI.

For questions and matters related to scientific integrity, contact the VLIZ responsible research manager on