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Student opportunities

VLIZ provides the opportunity to do an internship or write a thesis on a coastal and marine scientific subject within the scope of training. Student employees are also encouraged to participate in VLIZ for a month.

Within the scope of training, students can work in a stimulating setting of coastal and marine sciences. VLIZ gladly gives guidance to students who want to write a thesis or do an internship at VLIZ. Every summer VLIZ also offers student employees the opportunity to take part, for a month or longer, in activities like:

  • the provision of logistical support to marine researchers;
  • the development of data infrastructures and marine data management;
  • the development of web applications;
  • the sharing of marine information with various target groups;
  • the development of (digital) content such as video, infographics, websites, etc.;
  • the acquisition, disclosure and reorganisation of marine scientific information in the library;
  • the support of a sustainable and scientifically founded coastal and marine policy.

Student employees

VLIZ recruits several student employees each year, especially for the months of July, August and September. Those who would like to join VLIZ for a month during the upcoming summer vacation 2023, could apply until April 16. They will be notified by email by mid-May at the latest.

Thesis or internship subjects

We often offer the possibility to work on a Master or Bachelor thesis related to one of the research topics. Please contact the listed researchers for more information on the topic.

Viral diversity and functioning


Other thesis subjects
Other internship subjects

VLIZ offers students following a training course or bachelor/master programme the possibility to perform an internship of one month minimum, amongst others for the following subjects:


Interns, students and classes which visit the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) or the Marine Station Ostend (MSO) for multiple days can select and contact accommodation possibilities from this list.

Contact us

Are you interested in one of the following activities? Would you like to make a specific proposal or receive more information? Then do not hesitate to contact us the listed persons or - if no person is listed -